2013 Schola Saint George Symposium Atlanta

The 2013 Symposium went well we had a modest group of around 27 people for Saturday and Sunday.  We had participation from the DFW and Charleston Groups as well as local groups - Swords of Cobb, Decatur School of Arms, and the Atlanta Freifechter.  Also there were a number of individuals that travelled from out of state as well.  Lots of good classes - single sword, zhogo stretto for the spada a dui mani, Meyer's cuts, poleaxe, rapier, application to stage combat, and much other informal training. 

The tournament was well fought with 25 competetors; Bryan Johnson (SSG Atlanta), Keith Cotter Reily (Atlanta Freifechter), McKenzie Adlai Ewing (Atlanta Freifechter), and Glen Slate (SSG Atlanta) taking home awards.

Look forward to seeing everyone again.


The 2013 SSG Symposium is being hosted by our Atlanta chapter in Douglasville, Ga November 23-25.  It will be held at Deerlick Park in Douglasville, Ga, a suburb of Atlanta.  Events at the symposium will include a tournament with longsword, spada and spear, lanza as well as three days of classes on a plethora of subjects in the medieval and renaissance martial arts.  Please check the Schola Saint George FB page and our forum on this site for any up to the minute changes to the weekends' events.

A tentative schedule can be seen below.  (click th emore button) 

Schola Saint George

The Schola Saint George is a non-profit school of "chivalric" martial arts dedicated to promoting study of historical fighting systems through research, training, and competition.

We study surviving fighting treatises. These books of fighting techniques--dating from as early as 1300--are a virtual treasure trove of medieval and Renaissance techniques written by masters who systematized their knowledge and recorded it. Our members study these books, working to recreate the historical fighting systems. These systems are then practiced as modern martial arts.

We have created a proven core curriculum based on the works of Fiore dei Liberi, a superbly efficient Italian meistro active at the end of the fourteenth and into the early fifteenth centuries.


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Recent Promotions!

SSG Honolulu (Feb 2014):  Congratulations to Pace Hammer for passing his test for Compagno.

SSG Honolulu (Jan 2014):  Congratulations to Scot, Sam, and Kate for passing their Compagno tests.  Great Job!!

SSG Atlanta & Swords of Cobb-Marietta (23-25 Nov 2013):  SSG Atlanta hosted the annual Schola symposium this year and there were a number of advancements.  Firstly we would like to congratulate Celeste Watts-Will formerly of the Atlanta branch and now co-instructor of Swords of Cobb (an affiliated school in Marietta Ga) for her fine performance and advancement to Scholaro.  We look forward to watching Celeste progress in the art.  Lastly we would like to announce the promotion of Bryan Johnson, the founder of the Atlanta Branch and senior instructor; to Scholaro Libero.  He has demonstrated a deep understanding of the Fiorean art and as well as the ability to teach across the entire system.  Bryan is currently working on adding to the Schola's training curricula.  Congratulations to both.

SSG Charleston - We are proud to welcome new Compagnos Sean Gruber, Daniel McLaurin, and Ryan Senn. All displayed great understanding of the base SSG material in as presented in the SiTH and passed with flying colors.

SSG Atlanta (Nov. 2, 2013) Study Group Leader Darren Foley passed his test for Scholaro with flying colors.  Darren has been running the beginners class and generally doing all sorts of admin work for the Atlanta Branch for the past year.  Good job and congratulations Darren!!

SSG Atlanta (Oct. 19, 2013) Steve Berger passed his test for Scholaro Minore with flying colors. Great job!!

 SSG Honolulu (Oct. 1, 2013) James Day did a fine job passing his Compagno test! 

SSG Boston  (June 15, 2013)  Nick DePasquale and Nelly showed their knowledge and passed their Compagno tests!  Vivant!

SSG Atlanta  (April 27, 2013)  Emma Kong and Steve Burger passed their Compagno test!  Saweet!

SSG Honolulu ( March 12, 2013) Colin Chock, Virgil Nartatez, Russell Henson, and Wade Okumura successfully passed their Compagno tests.

SSG Atlanta (Feb 23, 2013) Congratuations to Neal Fraley on becoming the newest Compagno of the SSG. He passed his tests for advancement with flying colors.  His enthusiasm for the material serves him well.  We are looking forward to working with him towards the next level.  Good job.  

SSG Atlanta (Feb 2, 2013) Congratuations to Chris and David Morrison, father and son. They passed their tests for advancement to Scolaro Minore. Both are very well grounded in the Elephante and Scholaro plays and have made a great start on sparring integration. They should develop into a great asset to the Schola and the Atlanta Branch. Well done

SSG Atlanta (Dec 8) Congratuations to Darren Foley for his advancement to Scolaro Minore. Darren displayed a firm understanding of the Elephante and Scholaro plays as well as the underlying principals of Fiore's Arte de Arimazare.  He has also recently taken to teaching the basic class for the SSG Atlanta Branch. 
SSG Boston
(Oct 18)  Congratulations as well to Noah Goldmanfor his long awaited  Scolaro Maggiore test.  Noah has a firm knowledge of the stretto, and now has some new Scolari to practice it on! (Oct 6).  Congratulations to Jasen Boyle, Sean Delaney and Daniel Barronon their successful  Scolari Tests.  They all showed good form in fighting and strong analysis as well.  In addition, Jasen Boyle has been recognized as an Istruttore of the Schola for his teaching and curriculum development.  Vivant!

(July 12).  Congratulations to Paul Bismette and Stephen Lane both turned in exceptional Compagno Tests.  Please congratulate both for their fine work.

Earlier promotions can be seen with the Read More link below.





CAPTAIN: Robert Derner
Thomas Belloma
Andy Borman
JC Conway
David Covington
Shonna Crawford
Charles Deily
Albert Guerra
Colin Hatcher
Jon Hyams
Dan Sephdam
CAPTAIN: David Smith
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Ethan Caddy
Alex Ferguson
Darren Foley
Bryan Johnson
Jay Hollinger
David Knight
Russell Pharr
Jacob Werchan


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  • Bryan Johnson 8:40pm Apr 16 So had Dallas propose November 14-16, 2014 for the seminar/symposium.Is that the final answer? Mike Walloch 10:07pm Apr 16 Looks good to me.

  • Bryan Johnson 2:52pm Apr 10 A good article from Academy of Historical Arts in the UK. The article discusses what is essentially the core of the Schola and our mission statement - an educational organization dedicated to researching and teaching historical European martial arts focusing on Fiore. This is why at the scolaro minore level we start a reading list. Good thoughts in the article on how folks can do research themselves.


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